Italian southern/hard-rock act KLEE Project has released a new lyric video for “Running Out Of Time”. The new single was recorded and mixed at Memphis Studio in Rome by Roberto Sterpetti, mastering at Elephant Studio by Riccardo Parenti and artwork by Il Colornauta.

About the new single Roberto Sterpetti and Jessie Galante says: “It’s simply a song that talks about is not wasting anymore time to re-unite when two people that are in love. Also that life is too short (one stairway to heaven you climb) and you have to get it while you can (seize the day)… And not something you should avoid (hand of fate). It’s sort of love trauma and not accepting that the love is over. So the traumatized person is relentless in getting back together with the girl of his dreams. You can’t run and hide!”.