If there was a “National Summer song” on the record “Saints And Sinners” this would be it! RED is hitting radio stations worldwide!

Ken Valdez returns with a fire breathing rock record entitled Saints And Sinners, named after a former rough and tumble roadhouse in northern New Mexico where Valdez was born and raised.

While this guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer fuses elements of blues, rock, funk and Latin music to create a sound all his own, he kicked things up a notch this time out.

Valdez has stated the record is “…deep and personal but a fun and wild ride”.

While Saints And Sinners covers new territory across an already broad but expanding musical landscape, the sound is unmistakably, undeniably Ken Valdez.

Being no stranger to the road, Valdez is back on tour including prestigious festivals like the Bayfront Blues Festival to name a few. There is no question, Ken Valdez is back!
The outlaw rides again!