A lot of people suffer from FOMO – the fear of missing out. This phenomenon is closely linked to the use of social media, where other people’s lives can often seem more exciting, interesting and successful than your own. The key word is “seem”, because things are actually rarely what they appear on the surface – or rather, on your friends’ stories. Copenhagen-based pop artist JEONA wants to change that on his new single ‘FOMO Free’, the first single from his upcoming EP, due for release this summer.

Off grid bliss
“I had to disconnect from my social media for long periods of time. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found peace in not always being online and being a part of everything, and I want to share that experience”, says JEONA, pointing out the paradoxical feeling of promoting a single about withdrawing from social media. It’s all about finding a healthy balance, he elaborates.

“Just because you have off-grid periods doesn’t mean you lose all your friends,” explains JEONA, who sings the lines “I might lose some friends to this, let’s see who sticks” with his distinctive vocals on the upcoming release.

“Many young people are afraid of losing friends if they don’t show up to parties, events, etc., but in my experience, the friendships that really matter can withstand that”, he says.

Imagine Dragons and 90’s vibes in music video
One of JEONA’s strengths is that he writes and produces his own music, but he isn’t afraid to work with others either, as is the case with ‘FOMO Free’, produced in collaboration with Elias Danielsen and Christopher Rohde-Frisk.

On ‘FOMO Free’, the inspiration of two of his greatest heroes is evident. The recording, which took place on a London getaway, is inspired by producer Jon Bellion’s playful approach to music, as seen on the Jonas Brothers’ latest album.

“The lyrics and melody, which I co-wrote with Amalie Bryde, lean towards the happy-go-lucky vibe of Imagine Dragons,” says JEONA, who has racked up more than one and a half million streams for his previous releases since his debut in 2020.

In the music video for ‘FOMO Free’, JEONA dances carefree in various locations. Dressed in pajamas, JEONA lives his best life in front of the TV in his childhood bedroom in the safe 90’s, under the sea and in front of the saloon in a sleepy old western town.