In early April, Danish RnB artist Jaya May released her first single ‘Let Me Know’. Denmark’s biggest music magazine, GAFFA, highlighted her as an artist to watch.

On May, she is releasing the second single from her upcoming EP. The title of the new single is ‘Yours’, and it’s one of the few love songs that isn’t actually about falling in love.

‘Yours’ is a special tribute to her self-chosen family. The song is accompanied by a beautiful music video that presents the catchy RnB track with an intriguing and compelling visual aesthetic.

“I wrote the song because I realised that apart from my real family, I also have a family of my own choosing. A team of people who force me to put aside some responsibilities and share some of the things that I was used to carrying alone”, says Jaya May.

The last release from Jaya May was the dance-friendly and extremely relatable track ‘Let Me Know’, which announced the R&B talent’s name change (formerly ESPISCHICOQUE) comeback. After 3 years on the road as a drummer and percussionist for various bands such as Efterklang and Stine Bramsen (Alfabeat) etc. we now receive another strong release.

The production of ‘Yours’ is at the same time grand and simple. When the chorus begins, you could mistake it for a wedding song. There’s something about the sound of the organ and the beautiful melody that throws you straight into a wedding ceremony, but as the verses progress, it turns out to be about a different kind of commitment. A pact between friends. A thank you to those who are genuinely there for you and a sense of pride in being part of a group who have actively chosen to keep choosing each other.