Shaping up the release of his sixth solo album, ‘Off My Meds’, Jacob Bellens could most easily be described as “the best kept secret of the Nordics”. The acclaimed Copenhagen-based indie-pioneer releases ‘It Ain’t No Wonder’ today, September 15th – an open love letter following a deep personal crisis.

Jacob Bellens is a brilliant experimental pop auteur known for his characteristic voice and a curious musical mind that, despite his modest appearance, has made him one of the most significant and recognized figures on the Danish music scene for almost 20 years.

This October, Jacob Bellens will release his sixth solo album, ‘Off My Meds’. It took shape over two turbulent years characterized by a deep personal crisis, breaking Bellens down to a point of total exhaustion. Change was inevitable and as a result, he experienced a reconnection to an inner world that had been buried and locked away since his late childhood. It was a period of extreme emotional highs and lows but also a blossoming creativity ensued; equally thrilling and nerve wrecking.

“The album is a pop-poem about accepting the premise of the life you’re given. Lyrically it is centered around self-care and about taking responsibility for everything in your life instead of using your life history as an excuse for not living, no matter how tragic or unique your situation might be or seem to yourself,” Jacob Bellens says and continues:

“’It Ain’t No Wonder’ is an open letter to my daughter’s mum about everything she deals with daily in her life concerning me. It was written at a time when I felt I was too broken to love properly, too stubborn and too scared to open up – afraid of the consequences if I showed her who I really am.”

Described as “a slightly light banger with a 90s breakbeat”, ‘It Ain’t No Wonder’ shows a more crafted sound from the Danish indie-pioneer who is also drawing inspiration from funk and 00’s R’n’B on the new album. ‘Off My Meds’ will be the most direct and unfiltered songs from Bellens’ hand to date.