StormbounD, a majestically melodic band from Israel, channel the vibes of bands such as Delain and Amaranthe with powerful, clean vocals from frontwoman Yael Horwitz, alongside the harsher lyrics sang by vocalist/guitarist Ofer Friedman who is backed up by a formidable, symphonic sound driven by bassist Pavel Kleiman, keyboardist Rotem Sadia, drummer Yuval Partush and guitarist Shani Friedman.

They are amped to be releasing their debut album this summer, and so far have already released two singles, the first being “Altar of Innocence”, but now are drawing attention to the latest, “Desert’s Roar” complete with a music video. They share their thoughts on this release:

“The lyrics on the album tell some interesting stories, some more personal and some global, convey some harsh messages and themes, and deliver a wide array of emotions. We did our best to bring all of that into a cohesive musical surrounding within the realm of metal. “Desert’s Roar” is a cry for freedom from an inner struggle taking place inside the mind of a person feeling controlled and overpowered.”

The entirety of the album “December” is a journey that goes from gloomy and despondent to kickass, high, and victorious. StormbounD weaves an immersive and entertaining tale that will take the listeners into desperate depths before catapulting them into the open sky.

StormbounD is predominantly influenced by symphonic metal, but an attentive listener will be able to pick up elements from power, prog and death metal, and a bit of rock. They are recommended listening for fans of Nightwish, Evanescence, and Epica.

The video for “Desert’s Roar” was released on July 15, 2021, and has received rave reviews:

The full album “December” will be released on August 5, 2022.

Track Listing:
1.Desert’s Roar – 5:03
2.Altar of Innocence – 5:12
3.Sacred Lies – 4:41
4.Away from Here – 6:04
5.December – 10:30
6.Shadows – 4:21
7.Flying High – 4:55
8.Fragments – 6:24
9.Child’s Play – 9:02
Album Length: 56:12

Album Recording Credits:
All songs performed by: Stormbound
All songs written by: Stormbound, Benny Kliachko, Ian Post
Musical Production: Stormbound and Ian Post
Mix and Master: Alex Zvulun at A.G Studio.
Artwork: Gogo Melone ART

Album and Live Band Line Up:
Yael Horwitz – Vocals
Ofer Friedman – Guitar & Vocals
Shani Friedman – Guitar
Rotem Sadia – Keyboard
Pavel Kleiman – Bass
Yuval Partush – Drums