Industrial punk newcomer GLDN has announced the upcoming remix album Hemophilia, landing on October 7th, 2022, it follows the release of their debut EP, First Blood. Reimagining the twisted delights of the First Blood EP, along with unveiling a selection of dynamic covers and thrilling new original material, Hemophilia descends further into the murky shadows.

Leading up to the release, GLDN has revealed a dark new track “Suicide Machine”.

Mastermind Nicholas Golden comments: “The video for ‘Suicide Machine’ is about the obsession that society has with watching people’s lives fall apart. From celebrities to coworkers to friends, seeing people crash and burn has become the highest form of entertainment. You may feign concern, but deep down, jealousy fuels a ravenous hunger for more pain and suffering. If you perceive someone as more successful, more attractive, or happier than yourself, you want them brought down to your level. In reality, it’s just another way for people to celebrate their own pathetic mediocrity, and people aren’t as good at hiding it as they think.”

In 2017, GLDN was founded in Brooklyn, New York, by mastermind Nicholas Golden. For two years, Golden expanded on his experience as a performer, perfecting his art. In 2019, he began to search for live members to bring his music to the stage. GLDN draws musical and thematic influences from bands like NINE INCH NAILS, KORN, EVANESCENCE, DEFTONES, ROB ZOMBIE, PANTERA, HOLE, and PUSCIFER, but also films such as the dark and legendary, Suspiria. Delving deeper into the self-affirming gloom, Hemophilia expands on the ideas introduced in First Blood unveiling more of GLDN’s musical prowess. The covers of ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE’s “Animal” and GARBAGE’s “#1 Crush” illustrate the band’s adaptability and creativity, while the new original songs offer a devilish insight into GLDN’s evolving musical direction. From delicate piano melodies and trap drums, through to eerie synths and demonic vocals, the band artfully weaves numerous instrumental textures and styles into their haunting web of heavy sounds.

Conjuring up the macabre and the diabolic, GLDN exposes the monstrous concepts that are so often hidden from view. Hemophilia exhibits the extreme aspects of life and death, through extreme manipulation of music.

Album Credits:
All songs mixed and mastered by Nicholas Golden
Music, vocals and instruments by Nicholas Golden
Guitars & bass on “Animal”, “#1 Crush” & “Suicide Machine” by Collin Cleaver

“Animal” – originally performed by ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE
“#1 Crush” – originally performed by GARBAGE