Incognito Theory was formed in 2009 by lead singer lyricist and founder Dave Incognito. Incognito Theory have set the bar high to bring their unique blend of crossover hard rock southern groove metal. Fast-forwarding and moving forward from the older sound, with the help of producer, Steve Zing bassist of Danzig, drummer of Samhain has produced the self-titled EP.

In addition, Symphony X bassist, Ross the Boss, Silent Assassins, and good friend Mike LePond has appeared on the album. Drummer and backing vocalist John Mosco appear on the album who is also lead vocalist and founder of Sixty Miles Down. Dave Crum lead guitarist of Sixty Miles Down lending his session services. The new permanent guitarist is Steve Bloodgood who is now playing guitar for the band.

Their self-titled EP was the birth of a new sound, American whisky fueled southern stoner hard rock and the EP got them signed to Ragebreed Records. The band signed a record deal with global label Ragebreed Records and through their CEO/PR and the assistance of Metal Devastation PR including the hard work and energy of the band, as a team, they have taken the world by storm within global media in the alternative scene.