Horror metal act FIELDS OF REGRET, the brainchild of Belgian-based musician Filip Van Luyebeth, will release his upcoming self-titled EP this winter. The EP’s first single, “Zu All The Ant” has already been released and can be listened to here:

FIELDS OF REGRET’s second single, “Pinky Lace and Pixie Dust”, will release on September 9th and is an eerie manifestation accompanied by groove riffs, fast-paced instrumentation and disturbing vocals.

Van Lysebeth is no stranger to the industry, having previously worked as producer at Basick Records with the likes of Marco Minneman (KREATOR), and Terry Bozzio (FRANK ZAPPA). He brings an eclectic touch to his music, drawing inspiration for his lyrics from autobiographical themes such as bipolar disorder, depression, grief, and social issues such as the #MeToo movement. Musically, he is inspired by a vast array of metal artists including ALICE COOPER, KORN, and TYPE O NEGATIVE.

FIELDS OF REGRET’s new single “Pinky Lace and Pixie Dust” brings a curious contrast of an upbeat rhythm performed over crunchy guitars, with striking leads and pounding percussion. Van Lysebeth’s distinctive voice emphasises the horror themes that are woven throughout the music and mark the distinctive style of FIELDS OF REGRET.

“Pinky Lace And Pixie Dust” dives straight into the weird and wonderful world that is FIELDS OF REGRET. Holding a dark mirror to society through heavy instrumentation with a ghoulish twist, the new single lands on September 9th, ahead of FIELDS OF REGRET’s chilling self-titled EP.

FIELDS OF REGRET is: Filip Van Lysebeth