Halifax, Canada’s Kilmore are gearing up for the release of their new EP “From The Inside” at the end of March. It’s six tracks of groovy, stoner rock with metal elements. Its lyrics were written at a time when there was a real change around the world and an internal bittersweet struggle.

Along with that, vocalist/guitarist Heather Harris became a new mother and was trying to find her place in a new reality really speaks loudly in the emotions on the record. Some themes are of destruction while others of hope, each song has its own theme/feel. For the EP’s recording, Kilmore worked with producer Jon Landry, the band explains further:

“It was an altered experience for us recording this EP. Working with producer, Jon Landry, helped us craft the best version of the songs. We recorded it in our basement studio and took the time needed to form the songs and bring life to the recordings. Musically, some songs came out easier than others, and some needed more time to capture the essence that we were looking for. Overall, we feel we created a variety of soulful psychedelic stoner rock that brings expressions of escapism and explorations.”

Listening to these selected six songs, the band offers up an unearthing of realities in life through sounds and wanting to create something new. Featuring magnetically emotive passages contrasted against assaults of groove-forward aggression, the band conveys themes surrounding rebirth, love, hate, frustration, understanding, and the search for truth to permeate their darker-edged sonic palette.

“This EP, in our opinion, is our best work to date and we are thrilled to release it to the world.” adds vocalist/guitarist Heather Harris.

Today, the quartet unveils their next single “Firestone” accompanied by a music video. The song is about feeling broken and alone and looking for the light through the darkness. This was an old song the band rehashed when drummer Jon MacIsaac joined the lineup. The song locked in the right direction lyrically with the new groove and the band felt they have created a fierce and intense track. The video was filmed after a snowstorm and showcases a magnificent Canadian winter.

Kilmore’s forthcoming EP “From the Inside” follows their East Coast Music Award-nominated 2015 EP “City Lights”, and 2018 LP “Call of the Void”, which won the 2019 ECMA “Loud Recording of the Year”.

Recommended for fans of Royal Thunder, Baroness, Ghost, and The Damn Truth, “From the Inside” is due out on March 31st, 2023.

EP- pre-order – https://kilmore.bandcamp.com
Digital pre-save – https://linktr.ee/kilmore

(Artwork by Stephen MacDonald)
Track Listing:
1.Tempest (3:43)
2 Omitted (4:29)
3.The Destroyer (3:04)
4.Firestone (3:59)
5.Underneath (4:13)
6.Rapture (4:22)
EPLength: 23:50