Out now on LP & Digital through Fer de Lance Records & Urgence Disks

Swiss alternative-rock/post-punk/industrial duo composed Perrine Berger (Adieu Gary Cooper, Perrine 3000…) & Matthieu Hardouin (Zatokrev, Impure Wilhelmina, Fallan, Hateful Monday, Orchestre tout puissant Marcel Duchamps…), Grey Lips plays from the beginning some kind of intense cold-punk-wave and just finally released its debut full-length effort.

An album called ‘MASQUERADE’, available right now on LP & digital through Fer De Lance Records (Future Faces) & Urgence Disks and which the band just shared for full-streaming on Bandcamp.

For the record
Grey Lips was born in Geneva, Switzerland. The city of peace treaties, of communication between peoples, of big international instances. Geneva is also a city of bankers, commodity traders and tax exiles.

There is an alternative life in Geneva that finds its way between dirty money, corrupted ideals, and the habits of the western world’s comfort. Grey Lips creates his songs like puzzle pieces, to make sense of the chaos, pain and misunderstandings, which are part of the daily life of more and more of the privileged of this world.

The music of Grey Lips is oriented towards reverberation, incantatory accusations and Phrygian scales.