The story begins with Pepper Gomez connecting with Jason Burgess on Facebook. Recognizing Jason’s musical talents, Pepper was intrigued. In 2019, Jason sent Pepper a rough guitar track, and she was instantly captivated by it. This led to her asking Jason if she could add rough vocals to the track, and he agreed. However, the project hit a roadblock when Jason suffered a work accident and cut off his finger, causing the project to be put on hold.

As the world faced the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the project remained dormant. But towards the end of 2022, Pepper revisited the track and had an epiphany. She felt that Molly D’Ago, known for her distinct voice, would be the perfect fit for the song. Pepper reached out to Molly, who loved the track and enlisted the help of her friend Hugo Ferreira to work on the song. Molly’s vocals were added, and the result was a stunning country rock song that left everyone in awe.

However, before the song could be fully embraced, Jason Burgess, the original writer of the song, needed to give his blessing. Despite challenges in reaching him due to his absence from social media, Pepper eventually found him and played the completed track. Jason was elated with the outcome.

The music video for “My Sweet Burning Heart” was created by Domonick Giorgianni, a member of the Wake Up! Music Group video team. The video beautifully complemented the song’s mood and theme, adding a cinematic interpretation that resonates with audiences.

Molly D’Ago, the vocalist for the song, is not only known for her unique voice but also for her talents as a musician, guitarist, and songwriter-producer. The Wake Up! Music Rocks label, which aims to support artists creating new music, recognized Molly’s potential. Her prior independent releases had already made an impact on the industry, with some of her songs reaching the Top 40 on the Billboard secondary market charts.

For more information about Molly D’Ago and her work, you can visit her official website at The story behind “My Sweet Burning Heart” showcases the power of collaboration, unexpected twists, and the dedication of artists in the face of challenges.