Featuring singles Fire Of Love & Panic, are hard rock/metal/postgrunge throwbacks with very upbeat, in your face guitars and grit.

The message is one toward fixing our mistakes, a wake up call for change and warning where the path may lead. Hole/Candlebox drummer Robin Diaz & guitarist Riley Bria (American Idol) with current Daughtry drummer, Brandon Maclin & Kelly Clarkson drummer Lester Estelle with mastering engineer Brad Blackwood are on board this time. 100% indie, mixed and produced by Frank Palangi.

Since the COVID pandemic hit making things hard for musicians and Frank’s attitude and determination didn’t change the idea of his mission statement. “Growing up with the early Youtube days and the rise of social platforms, it changed the field of how to get music out there and I took the online approach harder and continue to do online shows.

I know things take longer than expect, it just means you have believe & have faith more not to back down so quick.”

The big choke in the music business is that you think you’ll become an over night success fast, that’s not the case.

Frank with having an admirable stubbornness tenacity to keep progressing knows it’s relentless work and expecting rejection.