FEVERHILL, the modern metal act from Greensboro, NC, will release their debut album Follow Me [Down] in late spring 2023. Striving to create killer tracks with a powerful sound, the band also believe in breaking image stereotypes in rock and metal music supporting body positive thinking and culture. Today, the band has teamed up with Metal Insider to premiere the first single, “Trapped Under Lies”.

Stream the new single here: https://metalinsider.net/video/video-premiere-feverhill-trapped-under-lies

The band elaborates: “This album has been three years in the making, paying careful attention to every detail of every song. ‘Trapped Under Lies’ is an anthem to those who refuse to let others break them down, and make them believe they are less than. Who you are matters. Period.”

The outfit began recording in late 2019 before global events saw their work postponed. Now established in their full line-up, FEVERHILL are gearing up to unleash a hard-hitting record. Drawing influences from the likes of FFDP, SLEEP TOKEN, PERIPHERY and more, the quartet have also opened shows for OUTLIER, UNCURED, MADAM MEYHEM and GEMINI SYNDROME. Bringing an epic sound crafted from distorted guitars, atmospheric electronics and powerful vocals, “Trapped Under Lies” is an explosive offering. High-energy rhythms, anguished harsh and soaring cleans pack a punch through the anthemic chorus and haunting verses. From beginning to end the track will keep you hooked as FEVERHILL skillfully balance the instruments and dynamics to provide maximum impact.

FEVERHILL kick off proceedings with an impressive debut. “Trapped Under Lies” is an amalgamation of animated riffs and charismatic heaviness that fuse into a compelling release. It’s a thrilling insight into what FEVERHILL are capable of.

Billy Resendes – Vox
Kevin Wilson – Guitar
Nick Doss – Bass
Ryan Elliot – Drums