Originally unleashed in September 2019 on Curtain Call Records, Raleigh, NC’s Aittala will be re-releasing their fifth album via Exitus Stratagem Records, who also recently released the band’s follow-up and sixth full-length “Live To Regret” this past November.

Led by vocalist and guitarist, Eric Aittala, with bassist Ali Lugo and drummer Gary ‘Zeus’ Smith, “False Pretenses” features the trio’s unique stamp of infused classic rock licks, thrash, doom, and sludge along with progressive layers and hard rock grooves.

“When we offered up this album, I still believe it is one of the best Aittala recordings we have done,” Eric Aittala states. “Of course, all bands make that claim when their new album is released, but I still really mean it. If nothing else, it is one of the best-sounding Aittala albums. When we wrote it, we used an entirely different approach for recording, mixing, and mastering. Even with its re-release, I’m still really excited for people who have still not heard it yet.”

Rounding out the album’s track listing is “Different Day”, “Disowned”, “Infamy”, “How Much Longer”, “Nemesis”, “Afterthought”, “They Live”, “Funeral Procession” and “Debt”. Eric notes, “The album’s title comes from the idea that the songs have an underlying theme of misrepresentation”.

Drummer Gary Smith believes those who have not listened to the album, are in for a treat.
“When we made this album, we really stepped it up and I truly believe it is a record for a much larger audience than the previous four we released. There’s something for everyone on it that’s a fan of good metal.”

Recommended for fans of Baroness, Crowbar, and Katatonia, the re-release of “False Pretenses” is due out on February 28th via Exitus Stratagem Records and can be pre-saved at https://hypeddit.com/aittala/falsepretenses

Aittala’s latest album “Live to Regret” released on November 7, 2022, via Exitus Stratagem Records available at the following link: https://hypeddit.com/aittala/livetoregret

In additional news, Aittala will be doing a mini tour during March 2023 in Florida and Georgia (dates listed below).

Tour Dates:
March 1 – Rain Dogs – Jacksonville, FL
March 2 – Propaganda – Lake Worth, FL
March 3 – Uncle Lous – Orlando, FL
March 4 – Sweetwater Bar and Grill – Duluth, GA

Track Listing:
1.Different Day (Explicit Version) – 3:21
2.Black Coffin – 4:34
3.Disowned – 4:51
4.Infamy – 3:17
5.How Much Longer – 5:04
6.Nemesis – 3:09
7.Afterthought – 4:17
8.They Live – 3:38
9.Funeral Procession – 6:53
10.Debt – 4:02
Bonus Tracks for digital release
Forsaken – 4:02
Different Day (Clean Version) – 3:21

Album Band Line Up:
Eric Aittala – Guitar/Vocals/Bass
Gary ‘Zeus’ Smith – Drums

Live Band Line Up:
Eric Aittala – Guitar/Vocals
Ali Lugo – Bass
Gary ‘Zeus’ Smith – Drums