Israeli thrashers Sinnery announces they will be touring the UK this coming September as opening support for Sworn Amongst. The band is gearing up to unleash their new EP “Below the Summit”.

Thrash metal fans should brace themselves for an onslaught of unrelenting aggression across five tracks where Sinnery have harnessed the essence of true thrash, delivering a sonic storm that will leave them and critics alike gasping for breath. The band’s first single “Share This”, was written when Covid first started and it reflects on losing touch with what actually matters and being consumed by social media. The band comments:

“We’re super excited to finally release “Share This!.” It’s a song that injects extra energy into any venue we play it in and is probably one of the heaviest songs we’ve written. We wanted to combine new elements into our music and this one has some striking Sinnery riffs. “Share This” is about how technological progress has stripped us from our humanity and the way that social media is used to get some crazy messages into our heads where some of us cease to think for ourselves any longer.”

Digital Single –

UK Tour Dates w/ Sworn Amongst
September 18 – The Cobblestones – Bridgewater, UK w/ Sworn Amongst
September 19 – The Black Heart – Camden, UK w/ Sworn Amongst
September 20 – The Hairy Dog – Derby, UK w/ Sworn Amongst
September 21 – Fuel Rock Club – Cardiff, UK w/ Sworn Amongst
September 22 – The Gryphon – Bristol, UK w/ Sworn Amongst
September 23 – The Cavern – Exeter, UK w/ Sworn Amongst

Sinnery was formed in mid-2010 when Idan and Alon met at a music school in Herzliya, Israel, and were hitched together to play in a band, it didn’t lead anywhere right away, but after a few years of pursuing other interests, they eventually revived and the band took the form it has today. According to the band, writing “Below The Summit” was a very productive and consistent process, they really bled these songs out.

Sinnery believes that all of their existing fans will find that these five tracks implement what they are all about in the most concise way yet. From catchy choruses to parts heavier than ever before they feel this is their most complete work yet. “Below The Summit” is recommended for fans of Metallica, Power Trip, and Trivium.

“Below The Summit” is due out on September 29, 2023, via Exitus Stratagem Records.

Track Listing:
1 . Somber
2 . An Ode (Knife Of Erato)
3 . We Just Want You To
4 . Share This
5 . Serene

EP Recording Credits:
•All songs performed by: Sinnery
•All songs written by: SInnery
•Produced by: Sinnery
•Mixed by: Arie Aranovich
•Mastered by: Arie Aranovich
•EP Artwork by: Xul1349

EP Band Lineup:
Alon Karnieli – Vocals & Guitars
Idan Kringel – Guitars
Saar Tuvi – Bass
Liam Fine – Drums