As announced a couple of days ago : 3 years after ‘Into the Jaws of Death’ (2019), French heavy-metal four-piece Evil-Minded officially released its new full-length effort called ‘Lucy’s Fate’ on CD & Digital through Music-Records (Twisted Mist, Angel Rising, Carnage Of Children, Spirit Bomb, etc.).

In addition to the official release-news, the band also shared the whole effort for full-streaming on YouTube while the official music video of the single “Rock Squadron” is still up on the platform.

For the record
Formed in 2010, Evil-Minded works since its beginning in a 80’s heavy metal vibe.

In 2015 so five years after its birth, the band shared a first demo but, despite a warm welcome of the first songs, takes its time to record a debut full-length album.

‘Into the jaws of death’ saw the light in 2019 and gave the opportunity to the band to play on various stages before to get interrupt by the Covid-19 pandemic.

One year later, EM released a 3-tracks demo EP (‘Weighing of the heart’) before to ink a deal with the French label Music-Records in order to release its sophomore album, ‘Lucy’s Fate’ on Fall 2022.