Dejected is a song about knowing where you fucked up and trying to find out what you’re gonna do about it, life carries on but you gotta make sure you’re doing it right, otherwise you shouldn’t even be doing it at all. It’s one of those moments where you have to sit in front of the mirror and ask yourself what kind of person you want to be. Life isn’t gonna change shit for you, you gotta change it for yourself. The sooner you realize that the easier life’s gonna get, and it’s really as simple as that. – explains front man Jad Batrouny

What started off as a simple Finnish leg to promote their last album Change Is Good has transformed into a 8+ country spanning tour with 33+ shows booked! The band was scheduled in studio in February and March this year and have worked around the dates to just keep on going, and the shows keep coming in!

EOUI 2023 Tour dates:
Jan 12 – Tampere, Finland
Jan 13 – Helsinki, Finland
Jan 14 – Turku, Finland
Jan 18 – Jyväskylä, Finland
Jan 19 – Oulu, Finland
Jan 20 – Kuopio, Finland
Jan 21 – Seinäjoki, Finland
Jan 27 – Helsinki, Finland
Feb-March – Recording sessions
March 31 – Granada, Spain
April 1 – Lisbon, Portugal
April 2 – Lisbon, Portugal
April 8 – Bad Friedrichshall, Germany
April 12 – Budapest, Hungary
April 13 – Warsaw, Poland
April 14 – Helsinki, Finland
April 20 – London, England
April 22: Tunbridge Wells, England
April 23: Hastings, England
April 24: Northampton, England
April 25: Whitehaven, England
April 26: Wrexham, Wales
April 27: Newcastle, England
April 28: Blackpool, England
April 29: Rotherham, England
April 30: Bradford, England
May 7 – Gardner, MA
May 10 – Boston, MA
May 11 – Albany, NY
May 12 – Providence, RI
May 17 – Amityville, NY
May 19 – Worcester, MA
May 20 – Boston, MA
May 26 – New Haven, CT

Since its founding in 2016 by guitarist Joonas Honkanen and drummer/vocalist Jad Batrouny, EOUI pushes boundaries, blending hardcore and death metal in unprecedented ways. With shows in over 9 countries around Europe, U.K and U.S, EOUI is set to take over the world this 2023. Together with live bassist Tino Oksala and live drummer Pablo Rojas, delivering guaranteed devastation over the EU, UK, and USA spanning 3 tours, ensuring no ears are left unharmed.

EOUI live lineup
Jad Batrouny – Vocals
Joonas Honkanen – Guitars
Pablo Rojas – Drumms
Tino Oksala – Bass