Enticing listeners with a smooth blend of psychedelic groove and rocking stoner licks, Halifax, Canada’s Elektric Mistress have a banging EP coming out entitled “Chapter 99” on June 17th, and before it officially drops they have teamed up with Bravewords for its full stream premiere.

For “Chapter 99”, they toned down a bit of the spacey stuff in favour of classic, straightforward stoner rock, inspired heavily by Black Sabbath, and explore lyrical themes such as madness, the occult, the dangers of substance abuse, and lost love. They share their excitement for the release:
“Friends, this EP has been a long time coming. As a lot of other bands experienced at the beginning of the pandemic, not being able to gather as a full band or find open studio space kind of made making music difficult. So we decided to do it mostly by ourselves, at a distance. With some help, we got it done. We’re stoked to finally present it for streaming everywhere. We hope it’s worth a listen or three.”

An immersive rock experience, both live and on record, Elektric Mistress is the kind of band you turn up loud and vibe out to. Musically proficient, the mood gets set with the initial riffs and the group intuitively jams everything out, employing genre influences such as sludge and blues.

The EP is entirely self-recorded, which is a process the band is still working out, and with pockets full of original riff ideas, they have a slew of new tracks ready to go, so fans of this release won’t have long to wait for the next batch.

Akin to ‘smoke rings in a blizzard’, Elektric Mistress offers high-energy psychedelic heartache along with some witchcraft! They are recommended listening for fans of Pink Floyd, Kyuss, and Sleep.

EP pre-order – https://elektricmistress.bandcamp.com

Digital pre-save – https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/elektricmistress/chapter-99

Track Listing:
1.Magic Dust – 4:06
2.Radio – 5:38
3.Cocaine Johnny – 4:24
4.Chapter 99 – 5:47
EP Length: 19:56

EP Recording Credits:
•All songs performed by: Elektric Mistress
•All songs written by: Elektric Mistress
•Produced by: Elektric Mistress
•Mixed by: Alex Burris at Fang Recordings, Dartmouth, NS
•Mastered by: Alex Burris at Fang Recordings, Dartmouth, NS
•EP Artwork by: Ricardo Arreola
•Member of SOCAN
•Canadian Content (MAPL)

EP and Live Band Line Up:
Kyle Cantfell – Guitar
Jason Cantfell – Guitar
Kieran Richardson – Bass
Maxwell Poole: Vox
Riley MacDonald – Keyboards
Valencia Canales: Drums