On February 24, the Danish scandipop artist eif released the energetic and powerful pop song. ‘The Light’ was made in collaboration with #1 charting producer Rasmus Gregersen and is about investing in your dream rather than always waiting for the perfect moment that never comes.

Since eif released the debut EP ‘Teal’ in 2015, she has played over 100 concerts – e.g. at the prestigious Icelandic Airwaves Festival. Most recently, listeners on the largest Danish radio station have had the pleasure of the ‘Breathe Again’ single, which has enjoyed a lot of attention on the channel since its release in the autumn.

NOW you are good enough. Check
On February 24, the time has come to unveil the follow up single ‘The Light’. Sonically, the energetic production by Rasmus Gregersen (The Boyz, GOT7, ASTRO, Mekdes) leans towards Nordic colleagues such as Sigrid, Lykke Li and Robyn, says eif, whose vocals have often been praised for their enormous fullness and power. In particular, the aggressively pumping arpeggiator in the chorus sends a loving greeting to the latter colleague.

Birth became rebirth
According to eif, there is a very personal message in the lyrics of the catchy pop song. Becoming a mother gave her a newfound faith in her own musical abilities:

“I spent many years in my 20s waiting for the right industry person who dared to bet on me and my music. The right A&R or booker who could assure me that my music was good enough. I was waiting for some kind of blue stamp – someone who said ‘now you are good enough’, and that was a huge struggle for me as an artist”, says Ann-Sofie Rokbøl, who is the woman behind the artist alias eif.

“But after I became a mother, I really experienced a big change in the way I approach the world. Along with the motherhood also came a natural authority, which I can also use in other contexts. It has really enabled me to act on my ambitions on a completely different level than before. I’m in charge now”, explains Ann-Sofie and laughs.

Giving birth thus also became a kind of rebirth for Ann-Sofie, who describes it as a revelation, almost like being struck by the light.