Magic happens when kindred spirits come together in a cross pollination of music styles. There is the familiar theme of the common and then the edge of difference that draws it all together to create what can only be known as Edge of Destiny.

The hard driving metal drumming of Stan Petraitis, coupled with the percussive bass stylings of Michael Cormeau lay the perfect foundation for this bridge between Modern, Active, Alternative, Hard and Progressive Rock. The progressive rhythms and layerings of guitarists Kris Copley and Ulisses Moran shape and color the sound for singer Kraevin Caedo’s powerful vocal stylings to shine through on hook-laden melodies.

Although Edge of Destiny is still emerging from its infancy as a band, Kraevin and Stan (the bands cofounders) are long standing veterans in the music industry with a cumulative history of over 35 years combined. Edge of Destiny stands to be joining the ranks of some of today’s top national acts in no time at all, and have already opened for guitar virtuoso Nita Strauss, Saliva, Ellefson, Red, Kore Rozzik, Brand of Julez, Cold, Armed for Apocalypse, and have toured with Diamante, The Crowned and Dawn of Flames.

Their 1st single, a solid hard rockin’ cover of Pat Benantar’s “Invincible” dropped April 26th, and the music video has over 10k views, 216 shares, 2,500+ engagements, and reached over 40,716 people since it’s premier April 18th.

They just finished recording 2 more hard driving singles, “Never Gonna Change” and “Game Over”, and released music video for “Never Gonna Change” on March 12, 2020. Though the COVID19 “crisis” has been devastating to many artists around the world, Edge of Destiny has thrived releasing live streams and engaging their audience around the world. Each member has been hard at work creating new music and the group stands poised and ready for 2021. The singles will be strategically released over the next few months while tour dates are pending to be booked for 2021. Be sure to catch them live for what will certainly be an engaging powerhouse show.

Broken Side “In Defeat” the hard rock tale of Moby Dick

BROKEN SIDE, founded in East Tennessee, bring their own version of hard rock to the table. The music is described as a mix of hard alt. rock with some metal elements, odd time signatures, melodic backing, and ground shaking tone.

They pride themselves on their musical versatility, bass heavy sound, and leading melodies that capture the listener. With a variety musical influences brought in by each member, Broken Side has set themselves apart in the Knoxville music scene.

Opening for national music acts while putting on high energy, technical, and dynamic shows is what has drawn so many of the Broken Side fans to their music.

About Our New SIngle “In Defeat”
The idea for this song came from the true story that inspired Moby Dick. In 1820, The whaling ship Essex with a crew of 20 was attacked by a whale crew and was forced to abandon ship into three small boats which they sailed to an uninhabited island. Three of the 17 remaining crew members decided to stay on the island instead of returning to sea to attempt sailing to safety. Of the 14 sailors who left the island only two survived, after resorting to cannibalism. The three sailors who remained on the island were rescued about 1 year later. This song is about the decision to remain on the island, and accept the fate and desolation that they may not survive, rather than facing the dangers of sea again.