In the tri-state area, Eddy G has solidified himself as the ultimate game-changing entrepreneur in the nightlife and hospitality industry with his unique concepts and extraordinary execution. Edwin Gomez, known as Eddy G to most, is one of the most well-known and notable influencers in the nightlife niche – and there’s good reason for that.

It wasn’t always glitz and glamor for the highly respected and well decorated entrepreneur, Eddy G. Starting from humble beginnings in the music industry Eddy has worked tirelessly and went “all in” on what he envisioned throughout the years as the best entertainment complex in the United States – and it’s still in the works. Over many years he has invested in and built the behemoth of a complex known as barCode in Elizabeth, New Jersey and the fruits of his labor started to blossom as he began to host a great deal of talented, top-tier artists in the entire industry including names like The Martinez Brothers, Snoop Dogg, J Balvin, Bad Bunny, Green Velvet, Ozuna and Claptone – you’ve probably heard of them, for good reason. Genres from reggaeton to electronic dance music and many other sounds in between.

Eddy has shown to the tri-state area that New Jersey is not just a force to be reckoned with but a true game changer in nightlife, and daylife for that matter.

It’s hard to believe but Eddy’s massive bookings aren’t the only ones making his fans move on the dancefloor – Eddy’s passion for music and his natural inclination for it are further highlighted through his very own DJ/Producer career. As an artist, Eddy released his hit single “Losing You” in late 2021 and it became something of a theme song for barCode, spreading throughout the area like a wildfire, lighting up dancefloors all over the world. One thing Eddy G has always believed in and understood – the power of music. His mastery of the entire nightlife industry from top to bottom is inspirational and the messages in his music are meant to give hope and inspire people from all walks of life.

But for Eddy New Jersey is just the tip of the iceberg – and so is nightlife. While Eddy has made a major wave in the nightlife industry with the launch of his powerful complex barCode in the Garden State, a great deal of his success also lies in his ability to work at a high level in multiple industries with the know-how to connect the dots. His background as a real-estate developer explains a lot about the enormous risk appetite Eddy has when it comes to expanding and building upon his already monstrous venues. Take his expansion of barCode into barCode 2.0 for example; adding tens of thousands of square footage to the already thriving complex to expand its capacity and transform the space into a mega concert venue, among other things.

Eddy G is simply not your average person. The man is motivated to a level that puts him above his competition to such an extent that he doesn’t think about his competitors as competition but rather as industry peers. He continues to physically expand his venues, fine tune his operations constantly and configure his blueprint for success. In fact, each space caters to different niches at different times. The ability to host an artist like Tiesto on one night while hosting an artist in a completely separate genre like J Balvin on another night – well, that’s versatile. Eddy works closely with the most talented teams that he hand picks to create an experience that caters perfectly to the demographics he is marketing to. The bounds are limitless for Eddy G in his endeavors as he gears up to expand his operation to New York in 2022 with barCode NY, which will mirror his original barCode NJ concept but with a larger emphasis on high-quality food and an epic sports bar vibe among other things. The venue will feature screens over 30-feet wide, top-notch sports bar eats and dance music to cater to the Brooklyn and New York market.

What’s not to like? This epic location will be coming soon, this year, with a classy grand opening to match.

For Edwin Gomez, the story doesn’t end there. Eddy continues to build and has even opened additional
restaurant locations including Mambo Cuban Restaurant & Lounge in Union, NJ with his signature style and influence. A man of his stature in the industry does not settle for mediocrity, he strives for greatness
continuously. As Eddy G continues to build a massive footprint with his work in New Jersey and New York, he plans to further expand his operations in the future on a global level. With key partners and an infrastructure that is beyond comprehension, every bit of success is a building block to stack upon the last in the construction of Eddy G’s empire of nightlife. With all the great achievements Eddy has contributed to his community the one question you might be left with is “what will Eddy G do next?” Keep in the loop by following Eddy G on his Instagram page or his website link here.