It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the city that never sleeps happens to be a hotbed for house and techno music. For decades DJs and music producers have made their careers right in New York City – some never left and still made lifelong careers.

With artists constantly fighting for their spot at the table it’s important to take note of which artists have been holding the spotlight, consistently. Despite these difficulties, one rising duo named Double F Project has risen from the ashes in the past few years in a very big way. With competition so fierce that for every single DJ slot – which typically ranges from 2-4 per night event – there are dozens of inquiries on how to acquire any of the slots. This does not scare the talented Double F Project who has been on bills left and right with top-tier headliners.

Some may ask, how do they do it? Double F Projects two members Felipe and Cayenne told us that “the music is always number one, always – but you have to have a strong network of connections, charisma, passion and above all value your peers within the industry.” Well said, by the duo. It’s a rather difficult world to navigate without networking your way to your dreams but when you have talent and amazing music to match – well, it’s a match made in heaven for event producers! Double F Project continues to make noise in the city with jaw-dropping DJ sets across top venues in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Recently, Double F Project has been seen on the bill with tech-house legend Max Chapman and elite techno artists including Julian Jeweil, Kölsch and Black Asteroid. These opportunities continue to lend themselves to the young duo and they take full advantage of the opportunities to get their names out there in an even bigger way. If you haven’t had the opportunity to catch the duo play in New York City or any other cities in the USA you surely will in time – they are not going anywhere. Keep your eyes out for Double F Project, house and techno world.