Massive Scar Era is the brainchild of the visionary artist Cherine Amr, who leads a collaborative journey with diverse musicians in every EP, bringing her unique vision to life. Originating from Alexandria, Egypt, and currently based in Montreal, QC, Massive Scar Era defies genre boundaries, weaving together a captivating tapestry of progressive rock, post-grunge, Egyptian music, and metal, resonating deeply with audiences across the globe.

With an impressive six albums already, Massive Scar Era is ready to present its seventh “Metal Goes Egyptian” this year. The first look at this EP is the single “Back To The Sun”, which holds a special place for Amr, which she explains:
“It’s a reflection of the warmth and nostalgia we all carry within us. The chorus, sung on a Maqam Rust with its intricate microtone, adds a touch of melancholy and emotional depth to the music. This song is an ode to the feeling of belonging and the yearning to return to a time and space where we felt at ease.”

The chorus of “Back to the Sun” beautifully utilizes the Maqam Rust, incorporating a microtone between the third and fourth degrees of the scale. This musical choice enhances the emotional and melancholic impact of the song, adding depth and expressiveness. Microtones, which refer to the pitches that lie between the conventional Western musical notes, allow for subtle variations in pitch within the Maqam Rust scale. By incorporating microtones, the song achieves a nuanced and evocative melodic quality, capturing the essence of the emotional journey back home.

A truly enriching musical experience, Massive Scar Era is doomy and melodic metal suitable for fans of Nawather, Merkfolk, and Aeternam.

“Metal Goes Egyptian” is due out on November 3, 2023.
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Track Listing:
1 . Between Waves – 3:22
2 . 30 Years – 4:43
3 . Oblivious – 3:46
4 . Back to the Sun – 3:41
5 . Color Blind – 3:14
6 . Endorphins – 2:37
EP Length: 21:26

All songs performed by: Violins: Kristin Molnar, Zoé Dumais, and Rasha Masalkhi
Viola: Omar Abou Afach
Oud: Mohamed Masmoudi
Qanun: Nizar Tabcharani
Percussions: Phyras Haddad, and Bertil Schulrabe
Drums: Julia Geaman
Bass: Etienne Tremblay
Songwriting, Vocals, Guitar: Cherine Amr
Arabic Music Arranger: Weka Soliman
Music Copyist: Hugo Mayrand
Sound Technicians: Jacob Lacroix-Cardinal, and Nicolas Pétrowski
Music Producer, mix and master: Etienne Tremblay (La Machine à Mixer)
Recorded by Nicolas Pétrowski and Etienne Tremblay (La Machine à Mixer) at Studio Mixart, Montreal, QC,

•All songs written by: Cherine Amr
•Produced by: Etienne Tremblay
•Mixed by: Etienne Tremblay
•Mastered by: Etienne Tremblay
•Album Artwork by: Biggg Rock Films