Groove metal enthusiasts, get ready to headbang to a slick video from Vancouver, Canada’s Dirty Audio Machine. They released their second album “Only Fury Remains” earlier this year and invited fans to get up close and personal with the video for “Damage Done”. The band comments:

“Damage Done is a song dealing with anger at the state of the world: Wars, government overreach, and the hypocrisy of people in general. It’s fairly bleak, venting a lot of rage at the oppression of the masses by the monied elite. We love what we do and it can only go up. We will never surrender, we will fight in the air…. We will… ohh never mind. Let’s just kick ass and play good METAL!!!!!!“

“Damage Done” is a true testament to the band’s evolution. With a heavier and more finely-tuned sound compared to their previous work, this single showcases the band’s dedication to crafting the perfect groove metal experience. The relentless riffs, pounding drums, and captivating hooks will take listeners on a thrilling musical journey.

The creation of “Damage Done” began with Steve Ricardo, a seasoned musician known for his work with Green Jello and Bif Naked. Ricardo laid the foundation by writing the riffs and structuring the song, which was then brought to life by the band. This collaborative effort has resulted in a release that combines the best elements of groove, hooks, and intensity.

The single offers churning bass lines, razor-sharp guitar riffs, and the dynamic interplay between gritty gutturals and groovy cleans, it is sure to leave a lasting impression for fans of Pantera, Static X, and Anthrax.

Dirty Audio Machine’s latest EP “Only Fury Remains” was released on July 11, 2023, and is available on

Track Listing:
1 Damage Done – 4:07
2 System of Revolution – 4:30
3 Weaker Born – 3:52
4 Are You Alive – 4:04
5 Nothing Left To Burn – 7:22
EP Length: 23:54