Detroit Alt/Rock artist Austin Mulka conveys nostalgia and longing for simpler times with “6-MAM” Single & Video release with SODEH Records.

Solo Artist Austin Mulka brings an amazing prequel to his upcoming album Reveries and Requiem with his new single 6-MAM.

“6-MAM” conveys a sense of nostalgia and longing for a simpler time.

Emphasizing a yearning for a time before the present, when things may have seemed more optimistic and hopeful. The song also explores the idea of subjective perception and interpretation. The lines “everything we love is vague” and “we find the meanings that we want” suggest that our personal biases and desires shape how we perceive and understand the world around us.

The reference to “blobs of ink” and “making up things I didn’t see” underscores the idea that our perceptions may not always be accurate. The lines “I’m just like anybody else / I’m not not like anybody else / I’ve just been lying to myself / We’re all just lying to ourselves” reveal a sense of self-awareness and humility, acknowledging that the speaker is not unique in their tendency to deceivthemselves.” Explains Austin

Austin Mulka – 6-MAM [Official Music Video]
6-MAM – ? Official Music Video ? Immerse yourself in the captivating world of “6-MAM” a nostalgic and introspective journey through the complexities of identity, self-deception, and our search for meaning. 6-MAM explores the idea of subjective perception and interpretation, questioning the meaning of identity through the lens of subconscious desires and personal biases shaping how we perceive and understand the world around us.

One of the defining characteristics of Austin Mulka’s music is its genre-hopping nature, with each release taking a different sonic direction. From pop to rock, electronic to folk, Mulka has demonstrated a remarkable ability to adapt and experiment with various styles, making each release a unique listening
Despite genre-shifting, there is a distinctiveness to Mulka’s sound that transcends genre boundaries. His music is characterized by infectious hooks, a generational voice, dynamic instrumentation, and memorable melodies, all of which showcase Mulka’s songwriting prowess and ability to connect with
Yet, it is more than just his musical talent that captivates audiences attention. Austin is also a masterful storyteller, weaving intricate narratives and exploring the complexities of the human experience with raw honesty and vulnerability. His lyrics are a reflection of his unique perspective and personal journey, delving into themes of existential dread, love, loss, and self-discovery with a depth and nuance that is rare in modern music.