DEEJADE releases her debut single ‘Where Did It Go’. The 22-year-old Danish artist is riding the wave of hyperpop that is washing over us from TikTok these days. Behind the production is award-winning producer Samuel Ledet.

Behind the brand new name DEEJADE is 22-year-old Freja Debes. Originally from Jyllinge in Denmark, she moved to Copenhagen a few years ago to take the next step in a music career that already had its early beginnings at boarding school. This is where she developed a friendship with producer Samuel Ledet, whose work with the Danish band Blæst has since won him an award for ‘Hit of the Year’ in Denmark. Samuel is also behind the production of ‘Where Did It Go’, which will be released on 10 March.

Uncompromising hyperpop
“Sam and I have been working closely together since we were 16 years old, making beats on our small home setups. When you make music with your best friend, the guards are down in a way that allows you to create something that feels real, uncompromising and true to the emotion behind the songs”, says Freja. In other words, Samuel Ledet is a big part of the DEEJADE project and, in addition to ‘Where Did It Go’, has also produced the two upcoming single follow-ups.

Together they have found inspiration in the wave of hyperpop that Charli XCX and Caroline Polachek are exponents of. DEEJADE operates in a grand ambient and hyperactive soundscape, with the presence and sensitivity of the vocals playing a key role in the inciting sonic style.

‘Where Did It Go’ elegantly alternates between a fervour and a huge energy discharge in the song’s instrumental chorus, where the frustrations underlying the verse lyrics really shine through. At the same time, the song also gives a taste of Freja Debes’ impressive sense of melody writing, which instantly catches on.