Rockshots Records is proud to present melancholic Finnish metallers Decrowned’s first full-length “Persona Non Grata”, now available as of February 23rd. For this record, every member brought something to the table, but guitarists Jaakko Kauppinen (guitars) and Simo Puustinen composed most of the songs. Musically, the band takes a turn into heavier waters from its predecessors (EPs “Hansel’s Nightmare” (2019) and debut “Weight of The Dark Sky” (2018)), still keeping in mind the essence of Decrowned. Lyrically “Persona Non Grata” is a very dark album, reflecting things that pass through the generations, consuming us from the inside. It is a description of a haunted future and the past that took wrong turns on personal and universal levels. This undefined black matter that flows ignoring time and reason is the unwanted entity… Persona non grata.

“We are so excited that our debut album “Persona non grata” will finally be released. Recordings started already in 2022 and the first intention was that album, but there were some roadstops here and there. We had to record bass tracks twice and also our mixing wizard Tero “TeeCee” Kinnunen had timetable changes because of his big contribution to Nightwish. This is also time to say huge thanks to Tero, for arranging time for us on his busy schedule and doing remarkable work for us.”

For the full-length’s release day, the band is sharing their next music video for the track “Rainworld”, a track that almost ended up on the cutting room floor, the band explains:

“Rainworld was almost going to be dropped from the album. It is one of the oldest songs and Jaakko didn’t like it so much in the beginning and it is a song that he composed. Luckily we talked Jaakko over and now the song has risen as one of our favorites and strongest songs from the album. Lyricically it paints up a rainy and gray landscape of a depressed mind. Seasons go too slowly for this individual. He wants them to pass faster so that eternal sleep and rest would finally take place.”

Recommended for fans of Amorphis, Insomnium, In Flames, and Katatonia, “Persona Non Grata” is available for at

Track Listing:
1 . Folklore pt.1 (intro) – 0:48
2 . Mouth Leaks Black – 4:20
3 . Rainworld – 4:16
4 . Stonewing – 3:56
5 . Mindparasite – 4:44
6 . Scarred – 5:02
7 . Awaken – 3:30
8 . Faceless – 3:50
9 . The Bird and The Tree – 4:51
10 . The Vigorian Man – 4:09
11 . Persona Non Grata – 4:52
12 . Folklore pt.2 (outro) – 0;42
Album Length: 45:05

Produced by Decrowned with help of Tero Kinnunen
Recorded at Crown Crusher studio/Joensuu
Kantele recordings at Guru studio/Joensuu
Engineered by Antti Venäläinen
Mixed by Tero “TeeCee” Kinnunen
Mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox
Artwork and layout by Jukka Turunen (
Band photography by Harri Säynevirta (
Keyboards and synths by Jukka Turunen
Kantele by Sari Puustinen and Saila Kinnunen
Guitar solo on “Mindparasite” by Euge Valovirta
Finnish vocals on “Mindparasite” by Tuomo Huurre

Decrowned is:
Miikka Hulmi, Vocals and bass
Antti Venäläinen, Drums
Jaakko Kauppinen, Guitar
Simo Puustinen, Guitar