Declared Dead began at the beginning of June 2014 (through the leadership of Anders Milovovich). After a demo was swiftly gathered and released, the first line-up parted ways and the second (more viable) line-up developed (which has remained consistent for close to eight years and counting). The current line-up is as follows:

Anders Milovovich: Vocals/Guitars
Dimitri Nagel III: Guitars
Deiter Cox: Bass
Mikhel Van Zaal: Drums/Keyboards

These Belgian metallers have also released the following works: “Subterranean Nightmare” (Demo), “Denounced and Defiled”, “Shiv”, “Revel in the Macabre”, “A Date with the Coroner”, “Blood Bender”, “Shambhala/Xibalba”, “Cosmic Plague”, “Way of the Reaper”, “The Devious Grotesque”, “Retirement Plan B”, “Of Stakes and Grisly Burdens”, “Kicking the Bucket – Live!”, as well as four instrumental versions of some of these later releases.