Today we would like to introduce you to the melodic death metal band DEATH IN FICTION from Augsburg / Bavaria. Their second single “CENTURIO’S WHORE” will be released on February 9th 2024. After their successful debut with “Dark Mind” they once again make a strong statement with this song.

Evaluate your life… you hate it
– is it right?

In “CENTURIO’S WHORE” the band addresses the false values of our society. The song reflects the ambivalence that women often face: on the one hand, they sell their bodies for money or fame, while on the other hand they fight against sexualization. Death In Fiction denounces the superficial search for recognition and attention, especially on social media.

About the Band
DEATH IN FICTION combines a wide range of influences: from classic melodic death to black metal to death metal. Some people probably also recognize influences from metal and deathcore. This diversity is reflected in their music and creates a perfect mix of aggression, speed and melody.