My mind is coming undone…I’m losing all sense of myself as I scrabble through the dust and dirt, the darkened rooms within these four walls that have become my world. I hear the family howling, feeding, laughing…but never see them; just the rotting remains of their meals slung in corners. I am thankful for that. My mind is coming undone…home James and don’t spare the horses spare the rod and spoil the child boil the child in the flayed vat of horse flesh and…I hear them again as I gnaw on leftovers. New food has arrived and the hammer is at work. I retreat to my safe space behind the sofa and cover my ears. My mind is coming undone…

Dragged from the darkness by Adam Watts (Beef Conspiracy) and Tom Bradfield (Twitch Of The Death Nerve), heretic plague is the sonic embodiment of nightmares, madness and extreme violence. The sounds that inhabit debut album Context Is A Stumbling Corpse walk a tightrope over the bottomless chasm of insanity, with the listener bound to their back. A furious conflagration of death metal and grindcore, infested with infectious riffs and ridden with monstrous grooves, these brilliantly crafted songs will lure you into their inescapable trap. From the overwhelming, brain-rupturing adrenaline rush of ‘Skull Crawler’ to the malicious stabbing and rolling rhythms of ‘Briefcase Full Of Cutlery’, Context Is A Stumbling Corpse is a genuine work of warped genius. Delivering more than just a payload of pulverising power, more than a demonstration of wildly imaginative, masterful musicianship – heretic plague will immerse you in an atmosphere of dread and lunatic logic that will have you clinging to the crumbling edges of rational thought.

Mixed and mastered by the band’s own Tom Bradfield, who has previously applied those skills to releases from Imperial Execration, Iniquitous Savagery, Twitch Of The Death Nerve and more, Context Is A Stumbling Corpse is blessed with a cavernous, blade-wielding sound that infuses the songs with a demented, desperate energy. Housed in troubling, intriguing artwork that will add fuel to the flames of your darkest imaginings, heretic plague is the complete package – perfect in its malformed, malignant magnificence. Selfmadegod Records will open the door to this house of horrors on April 7th so don’t miss your invitation to a world of grinding insanity.

Adam Watts – Guitars & Bass
Tom Bradfield – Vocals & Beats