On March 1, the trio will release their long-awaited debut album, which features a unique sound where blues meets pop, soul and jazz in an experimental and playful style. The music and lyrics are a testament to three musicians who have lived long enough to know that life has unexpected twists and turns.

The terapy bus
“A lot of people assume that our busy concert schedules are the reason why both mine and Eddie’s marriages unfortunately broke up, but I don’t think that’s the reason in my case – maybe quite the opposite,” says Mike Andersen, who is not only the singer of AEGTESKAB, but also a successful, award-winning musician in his own right.

In fact, being a musician may have been the reason their marriages lasted as long as they did – more than 20 years in both cases: “A lot of times marriages fail because you don’t have a place to go with the things that are problematic. In our little musical marriage, and especially on the tour bus, we talk about life as much as we talk about music,” explains Michael Blicher, who, in addition to AEGTESKAB, also plays with drumming legend Steve Gadd in Blicher Hemmer Gadd.

“Facades fall when you’re on tour, partying, getting exhausted and having great experiences together”I, adds Eddi Jarl, who is also known for his exuberant drumming in the Lars Lilholt Band and Vestbo Trio.

Exciting and vibrant, AEGTESKAB deliver the songs with an enchanting presence. It’s playful, it’s danceable, and it’s deeply serious. The band embraces both celebration and darkness in songs like ‘Checking Out’ and ‘The Storm’. With a natural ease, the music moves between classic-sounding boogie and experimental instrumental music, blurring the lines between genres with ease.

Early success on the road
Although the debut album is not due for release until March 1st, the tour bus has already rolled out for over 20 sold-out shows, with 21 more to come this year in the wake of the album’s release. In other words, the demand for this experimental band has proven to be huge early on in its short life.