Italian alt-rock act Crossing Belt have dropped the video for the new single “Intoxicated”, available now in all digital platforms. Produced by Jaxon (Jax Diaries) at Heavy Tones Recordings, the track describes the style of the band with post-grunge, metal and country music as influences.

“We believe ‘Intoxicated’ is one of the songs that better represents our sound and encases all our diverse influences, which are some of the reasons why we chose it as a single” says the band “’Intoxicated’ was conceived during the pandemic: this unprecedented, forced stop allowed us to work on our new songs like never before. We believe that “Intoxicated” is an offspring of this world and the times we’re living in – the lyrics reflect the intoxication we receive on a daily basis, not only from our society and its standards, but especially from fake news and social networks. ‘Intoxicated’ screams towards those who easily get drawn into all of this. The music video showcases those topics: the hooded man, who is the intoxicated, is brought in front of the band who try to wake his conscience through a shock therapy – though at first he seems unwilling, he falls into the groove and the lyrics. When he is finally detoxified, the hooded man is set free. As a statement of his freedom, he smashes a smartphone – the source of the intoxication – to the ground”.

Crossing Belt formed in 2010 through the minds of Fabio Deandrea, Daniele Speciale and Stefano Borin. At first, they just wanted to get together and play their favorite songs, but over time that bond of friendship and fun became the chemistry that allowed them to write their own music. Their sound has developed from each member’s musical backgrounds, ranging from Post-Grunge to Metal and Country music, while honing their craft through years of live shows – starting from their native Turin, Italy to international resonance in countries such as Germany. The discography includes a full album (the eponymous “Crossing Belt” from 2013), two EPs (2016’s “Another Story” and 2020’s “Break The Chains”) and 2017’s single “Mercy”, their rendition of Shawn Mendes’ hit. 2023 is off to a flying start with the single “Intoxicated” which marks a new chapter for the band, after a two-years long thought process that revolutionized the mission of Crossing Belt.

Crossing Belt are:
Fabio Deandrea (vocals)
Daniele Speciale (rhythm guitar, vocals)
Stefano Borin (bass guitar)
Alessio Barberis (lead guitar)
Alessandro Balducci (drums)