New Jersey rock band COLOSSAL STREET JAM has released their single, “No Way to Live,” with Independent, taste-maker label, FRETBAR RECORDS. With soaring vocals from front-man GENE POTTS, Hammond organ by ERIC SAFKA, melodic guitar in the talented hands of SAL MARRA, and a rhythmic foundation from bassist TONY FLORA and drummer DAVE HALPERN, this new release will quickly become a hit, with an electrifying new music video slated to release late November, 2023, followed by the full album in 2024.

“No Way to Live”, the actual song , started out about the daily struggles in life we all go thru. The song ended up being the start of an album and songs that touch on so many social and emotional issues during a rough time for everyone in the world. We never set out to make a concept album, but it definitely has that feel when you go from song to song.” – GENE POTTS