Malevolent is a cinematic/symphonic Metal band hailing from Belgium/Spain. For fans of epic movie-like orchestration, astonishing female vocals, and deep death grunts. The band presents its first self-titled EP in alliance with Necktwister on 21/12/2023.

Malevolent is a symphonic metal project from Nikolaas Van Riet, a composer, guitarist and producer.

The Malevolent EP is produced by Joost VandenBroek, known from his work with bands like Powerwolf, Epica and blind guardian. The crazy talented Spanish singer Celica Soldream is the lead vocalist in this band. The EP will also feature guest vocals from Mark Jansen, composer, guitar player and singer in Epica.

Other musicians involved in the making of the debut album ‘Malevolent’ are:
Drummer Koen Herfst.
Lead Guitarist Jan Verschueren.

Tracklisting of the debut album ‘Malevolent’:
01 . Malevolent Gaze
02 . Malevolent Ways
03 . Malevolent Light
04 . Malevolent Creations
05 . The Awakening (cd bonus track)