Danish/French pop artist Cindy Chiche is ready to share her take on an inspiring summer single. ‘CPH Dreaming’ is all about taking the plunge – even if you don’t always know what’s waiting on the other side.

Cindy Chiche is known for mixing English and French in her lyrics, and ‘CPH Dreaming’ is no exception. In recent years, Cindy Chiche has made a name for herself on Denmark’s biggest radio station P3. And now she is ready with a new song.

‘CPH Dreaming’ single is produced by one of Denmark’s most talented pop producers, Malthe Guldberg (Theresa Rex, Elias Boussnina).

Get out of your comfort zone, you creature of habit!
“Danes really are creatures of habit,” Cindy says with a wry smile. “But you slowly die from the routines, I have realised lately.”

Recently, Cindy uprooted herself from her comfortable provincial life and moved to Copenhagen in order to get closer to the music scene of the Danish capital:

“I’ve been kind of scared to take that step, but it was really necessary. My new single is about taking the plunge into something you’ve both daydreamed about and feared for a long time. I hope it can inspire others and give them the courage to go after their dreams – because as I said to myself: what’s the worst that can happen?”

In other words, ‘CPH Dreaming’ is a happy-go-lucky anthem for taking chances in life – even if you don’t know what’s waiting on the other side. And as the chorus suggests, Cindy felt her own dream come true when she finally crossed Dronning Louise’s Bridge (a famous bridge in Copenhagen) with her sunglasses placed confidently in her curly hair. But what are you dreaming about, and what exactly are you waiting for?