Combining their passions of Dungeons and Dragons, space adventure, and fantasy, Denver, Colorado’s Celestial Wizard takes influences like Arch Enemy, Metallica, Firewind, and Turisas and forge a path all their own! They have their second album coming out this year, the fantastical and fun-filled “Winds Of The Cosmos” and the first foray into this epic jaunt is the single “Ice Realm”.

The track is punchy and vibrant right out of the gate, drawing listeners in with its thrashy opening riff. The track is upbeat, fun, and engaging, keeping the energy sky-high through the entire song. The song takes the listener on a Dungeons and Dragons-inspired quest through frost-covered land in search of a magic weapon to dispel the realm’s icy curse. Guitarist/vocalist Nick Daggers details the single:
“The main riff at the beginning of the album was one that I had written even before we had recorded our first album. It’s such a fun song to play, and I’m happy it finally made the cut for an album. For a long time, a few of us used to play DnD together, and I think that developed our creativity tenfold in terms of writing for the band. It’s so incredible that we get to take that passion and those experiences and craft them into a song that so many people will get to enjoy. I think the song definitely captured the energy we had so many years ago playing the game together, and I’m so happy we get to share that with everyone.”

Modern and melodic, this album will be a breath of fresh air for Celestial Wizard’s existing fans as it is a massive leap forward in production quality and musicianship, being their most cohesive, collaborative work to date. New fans will be enticed by catchy, nerdy choruses overlaying the melodic death metal riffs. Their fire and passion are evident in both the single and the album, making it hard to sit still for this one. Celestial Wizard will be enjoyed by nerds of all kinds and especially fans of Dark Tranquillity, Firewind, and Amon Amarth.

The album “Winds Of The Cosmos” comes out on July 15, 2022.

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Track Listing:
1.Andromeda (2:25)
2.Revenant (5:30)
3.Ice Realm (4:08)
4.Powerthrone (4:30)
5.Eternal Scourge (5:32)
6.Steel Chrysalis (4:26)
7.Undead Renegade (5:04)
8.Cyberhawk (4:26)
9.Winds Of The Cosmos (7:44)
Album Length: 42:45

Album Band Line Up:
Nick Daggers – Guitar, Vocals
Guillermo Jurado – Guitar, Bass
Tim Gillman – Drums
Amethyst Noir – Vocals
Live Band Line Up:
Nick Daggers – Guitar, Vocals
Dahlia McAluney – Bass
Tim Gillman – Drums
Amethyst Noir – Vocals