New album ‘Darkness Within’ out now on CD & Digital through Music-Records and the main legal platforms.

A couple of months after the official release of their latest full-length effort ‘Darkness Within’, French technical death-metal trio Carnage Of Children just unveiled a brand new official music video illustrating the song “Endless Stairs”, from the album, and available right now on YouTube.

In other news, ‘Darkness Within’, is still available on CD & digital through Music-Records (Twisted Mist, Angel Rising, etc.) but also full-streaming on youtube.

For the record
Carnage Of Children is a technical death metal band formed in 2006 from eastern Lyon, France. Although in its early days Carnage evolved into an old school death-metal style, over the years the group has developed a more technical and modern style to reach a darker universe bordering on black metal.

For many years, Carnage Of Children has performed on stage in France and abroad, releasing 4 full-length studios albums.

The last one ‘Darkness Within’ has been released on Spring 2022 and CD/Digital through Music-Records French label.