On ‘Things I No Longer Do’, Danish singer Carmie tells the story of having to move back in with her parents after breaking up with her ex-boyfriend. The song will be released on 23 June and marks the early beginnings of a new musical direction for the Aarhus-based artist.

Since releasing her debut EP ‘Lost In May’, Aarhus-based Carmie has played at the prestigious industry festival SPOT and opened for major Danish acts such as Hugorm and Mads Langer.

In February she released the electronic single ‘Faces Turn Blue’, and on 23 June she will release the follow-up ‘Things I No Longer Do’. Here she shares a story that many young people can probably relate to:

“My new single is about moving back home to my parents for a period of time after breaking up with my ex. It describes all the things I no longer do after the breakup, but also the things I actually enjoy doing for myself now,” says Christine Aggerholm, who is behind the artist name Carmie.

Phrases like “23 back at my parents, with a room, a debt and no clue. And yes I sold my vocal pedal, only bought it cause you told me to”, depict the reflections that the uncertainties of being alone can cause in a young person who had flown from the nest and started her own life.

Carmie’s listeners have come to know her for the mix of RnB and electronic pop, but on ‘Things I No Longer Do’ she has taken a more singer-songwriter approach.

Acoustic fingerpicking and fluid choral harmonies wrap themselves around Carmie’s whispery singing. Slowly, the synths open up and harmonise with the guitar, and on the chorus she truly reveals her unique and compelling vocals, easily on par with some of the greatest voices of the moment.