5 years after giving birth to their debut album ‘Secondary Drowning’ (2018) and after already digitally unveiling the single “The Servant”, Swiss post-rock/progressive/post-metal four-piece Car Crash Weather just self-released their sophomore full-length record called ‘Terra Nostra’ on CD, LP & Digital through all streaming platforms.

A conceptual album describing the human interaction with each other and with nature. Ultimately we are all part of the same system. Both as humans and as part ofnature we go through a circular movement of decay and reconstruction.

The album, manufactured at Dunkpressing (related to the Dunk! Records label) is available right now for both physical/digital editions

For the record
car crash weather started as a nameless, irregular and loose jam session and only gained traction slowly after some member changes and stylistic finding processes in the early years.

Since around 2014 the band has been based in post-rock, post-metal and prog.
The name stems from the desire to embody the essence of what music triggers in usthem. Regardless of musical background, the musicians share a love for the melancholic, massive, fragile, haunting and moving elements of a composition. Metaphorically speaking, they always have associated good music with atmospheric terms. A storm, black ice on the road, snowfall, the glittering sunlight on water, fog, rain. Conditions in which they actually don’t want to drive your car because you run the risk of causing an accident.

As a first milestone, in 2016, CCW released a short EP called ‘Origins’, consisting of 3 songs. This was followed in 2018 by the release of their first long-play ‘Secondary Drowning’, a concept album about migration.

The following years they invested in the elaboration of a new concept album, which saw the light on Spring 2023.

The ‘Terra Nostra’ project

“‘Terra Nostra’ [our earth] describes the interaction of humans with each other and with nature. While in the first half of the album human interactions are illuminated, in the trilogy in the second half of the album we think about the relationship of humans to the non-human world.

However, this apparent division into two parts is only superficial. The nature of the interactions as well as their consequences hardly differ from each other. We believe that ultimately we are all part of the same system, and that both as humans and as part of nature we go through a circular movement of decay and reconstruction. Circumstances may be challenging from a certain perspective, but as hard as times are, there is always a straw to clutch at. Whether this is the altruism of other people, unshakable hope, or the perseverance of nature, which is constantly rebuilding and adapting.

On the other hand, we are witnessing a terrible human arrogance and ignorance towards ourselves as well as towards our common resources. It seems that – what a contradiction! – in times of plenty, cruelty and exploitation prevail, while in times of need, community and support can emerge. Pain and suffering and any sense of community, however, seem to beforgotten as soon as we get better.

This means that we as a whole do not learn from mistakes and the cycle starts all over again.” (Car Crash Weather)