“Phantom Parallax” is the second single off “Unearthly Will” coming from Canadian death metal act, Augurium. The second track on the album is a very rhythm-based song that calls back to the intro chord numerous times and boasts the heaviest breakdown on the album.

It is straight-up metal filth that will satiate most open-minded metal fans. Lyrically, it could be considered to be meditations on the possible connection between the living and the dead, and possession. The band shares their thoughts on it:

“Phantom Parallax” was one of the earlier songs written for the album and one of the final ones to be completed. We reworked it numerous times both musically and lyrically but ultimately decided that it needs to have some shrieking vocal lines and get downright nasty at the end. This is one of our stronger pieces and are beyond stoked to bring it to the masses.”

Augurium builds on expressions of old and new references within the world of heavy metal. “Unearthly Will” will be their third album and they continue to challenge genre boundaries and concoct an original sound. It is a fresh take on what Canadian death metal has to offer. With slamming riffs in a variety of time signatures and genre-blending aspects, over a finely executed percussion and rhythm section, it will be a very surprising yet welcome evolution, with an all-new line-up, and 2 years of hard work, created with great care and intention.

Augurium has tour dates planned for the fall to support this new album and they promise a brutally good time for those who attend one of their gigs. Each of them has been playing music live since high school, so we are entering this chapter with lots of experience, and plan to deliver a polished, dark, expressive, and rewarding performance for each city they visit.

Atmospheric, orchestral, bloodthirsty destruction awaits, “Phantom Parallax” is recommended for fans of Septicflesh, Belphegor, and Decrepit Birth.

“Unearthly Will” is due out on August 25, 2023, and is available for pre-order at https://augurium.bandcamp.com

Tour Dates:
w/ Hooker Spit & Raising The Ruins.
Aug 25 – Vancouver, BC – Astoria
Aug 26 – Kelowna, BC – Dunnezies Pizza
Aug 27 – Kamloops, BC – Blue Grotto

w/ Kryotic
Aug 30 – Edmonton, AB – Rendezvous pub
Aug 31 – Calgary AB – Nvrland

w/ Cell and Krytotic
Sept 1 – Saskatoon, SK – Black Cat Tavern
Sept 2 – Regina, SK – The Exchange

Track Listing:
1 . Inquisition of the Possessed – 3:15
2 . Phantom Parallax – 3:15
3 . Sanguine – 2:58
4 . Ancient Grimoire – 4:27
5 . Inceptus Mysteria – 3:17
6 . Unearthly Will 2:53
7 . As Above… So Below – 3:19
8 . Invictus – 3:49
Album Length: 27:16