During these past few months, Calgary, Canada’s fantasy metal Red Cain has surfaced two singles “Fisher King” and “Blight” and are now ready to share their next “We Are Chaos” with all of them and future tracks to be featured on their forthcoming album entitled “NÄE’BLISS” due out on April 28th.

Their third full-length album “NÄE’BLISS” is a homage to the legendary world of Robert Jordan’s fantasy epic “The Wheel of Time” (novel/TV series). With a grimdark edge, down-tuned guitars, death and power prog metal influences, and an unrelenting march forward, “NÄE’BLISS” is a foray into the reverse side of the Wheel of Time story – that of the Forsaken, antagonists, instruments of the Great Lord of the Dark, and the brutal and captivating allure of letting Chaos reign supreme.

The band explains further:
“We are fascinated by antagonists, why they stand against the “common good”, and how they came to fill that role – and when reading the Wheel of Time, there was the same intrigue behind how the very clearly defined “evil” faction in this world justified its existence. Why did the Forsaken willingly join the Shadow? Why do some men and women want the world to burn, and the Wheel to stop spinning? Within such a carefully crafted narrative and beautifully balanced universe, there were puzzling, unexplored gaps that we were determined to delve deeper into.

And of course, fantasy is but a mirror of reality – so outside WoT lore, these questions apply equally well to the world beyond our window. Which of our idols are false, which heroes degenerate, and what history is a compendium of careful lies? It is all too easy to raise your fist against those labeled evil by the multitudes or a voice above while failing to realize you yourself are the instrument of tyranny and corruption.

We are all massive fantasy fans, and for us, Wheel of Time rubs shoulders with LOTR as a genre-defining epic fantasy series that started it all. The world of the Wheel is a brutal, compelling world with multitudes of fascinating characters, and we were particularly interested in exploring its more visceral aspects – an area that begs to be paired with heavy metal. We’ve seen some of our musical icons, like Blind Guardian, successfully go down this path, and it was magnificent to see new musical interpretations of those stories spun out by them – not to mention some bloody good fun.
Now, it is our turn to ride forward in another turn of the Wheel. Enjoy!”

Continuing the experimental nature of the previous single “Blight”, “We Are Chaos” plants its flag firmly in death metal territory, with vocalists Evgeniy Zayarny and Kalie Yan trading off growls amid heavy, groove-laden riffs, backlit by the usual eerie soundscapes, and Samuel Ridout’s staccato guitar work. A plunge into the nature of chaos, promises broken, and a bond that threatens mutual destruction, “We Are Chaos” is very much a new iteration of the core Red Cain sound, and an emphatic musical and visual statement en route to the upcoming album release.

The band adds about the new single:
“Ruminations on chaos. Four rebellious souls plotting against a tyrant. An occult ceremony. A secret waiting to be torn open. Red Cain’s new single + music video “We Are Chaos” brings us back into the universe of the Wheel of Time, into the lair of the Forsaken – the Chosen, as they see themselves – in their resistance to the unending turning of the Wheel.

Under the leadership of the enigmatic Moridin, irreversibly tied to their enemy, the Dragon Reborn, Sammael, Demandred, and Semirhage are the bulwark against the rising tide of the Dragon and his followers, and the decaying status quo that his ascension brings.”

“We Are Chaos” was mastered by Alan Sascha Laskow (Every Hour Kills, ex-Divinity) and mixed by Tyler Corbett, (Sole Audio).

Red Cain, from Calgary, Canada is a modern progressive metal project with Eastern European roots. They have been making waves since their first release in 2016, with award-winning music videos and concept albums “Kindred: Act I” and “Kindred: Act II”. Red Cain’s first two full albums conceptually told a sprawling story of how raw and primal ancient myth collides with modern society and human yearning toward the stars, toward perfection. The albums contained a ton of genre inspirations, from gothic rock to ambient electronica, power, black, and death metal, and were universally lauded for their inventiveness, variety, and strong conceptual content. They continue this momentum with forthcoming releases.

Red Cain is:
Evgeniy Zayarny – Vocals
Samuel Ridout – Guitars
Tyler Corbett – Guitars
Kalie Yan – Bass, Vocals
Taylor Gibson – Drums