Dropping their debut self-titled EP this Friday, March 1st, Ottawa, Canada’s Marble Ghosts are presenting their latest video for their track “False Heroes”, the second to last song on the release that is a sludgy verse mixed with a towering harmony-laced chorus and a powerful, thundering instrumental end.

Lyrically, “False Heroes” is aimed at the institutions of old and those who continue to prop them up. Originally titled Marble Ghosts, the name was changed when the band realized that it was the perfect name for the band itself.

They explain further about the song:
“In the current culture, where some believe we should return to a golden past, False Heroes counters that with a resounding NO. The song seeks to eviscerate male privilege, divisive hateful religious figures, but most of all, the ghosts of the past, still seen as trailblazers and nation builders. Inspired by the dismantling of controversial statutes worldwide, but specifically, the downing of the statue of John A. MacDonald, Canada’s first PM and the architect of the residential school system, False Heroes is a warning against romanticizing and celebrating figures whose mindsets were at their core harmful and led in many cases to abusive and criminal acts.”

Recently emerging onto the Canadian metal scene with a distinctive sound and a fierce commitment to challenging societal norms, Marble Ghosts comprises a dynamic lineup that uniquely blends genres and generations, featuring a death metal drummer, an old-school metal bassist, a grunge-influenced singer, and a metalcore guitar player. This eclectic mix not only defines their sound but also underscores the band’s commitment to breaking musical boundaries.

Despite being a relatively new band, Marble Ghosts demonstrates a clear musical direction. Their first EP showcases five compelling songs that highlight their diverse influences and styles. As a band, they embrace generational differences, allowing their music to evolve organically as they grow more comfortable with each other.

Explaining the origin of their band name, Marble Ghosts draws inspiration from historical figures revered by some as pioneers and trailblazers but who also committed terrible crimes. The band seeks to call out the tradition that these effigies represent. Their music is recommended for fans of Shinedown, Saint Asonia, and Three Days Grace.
Marble Ghosts’ debut EP is due out on March 1, 2024.

Track Listing:
1 . Old School (3:10)
2 . Lie to Me (4:22)
3 . Alone (4:03)
4 . False Heroes (4:33)
5 . End of the World (3:58)
EP Length: 20:07