Purge Yourself is the brand new, debut album from the band Broken Jaw. The album was written in 2019, recorded,mixed and Produced by Dave Grange of Forge Studios and Nutzie Shelley (frontman), in the UK and then Mastered by Scott Middleton(Cancer Bats),in CANADA. It then sat in the dark, waiting to be unleashed upon the world, until now.

This album was made for people to stand up and take action, against those who need to be held accountable for their actions. Although it was written pre-covid, pre-elections, pre-protests,pre-invasions, deaths and world decline, it is more relevant and prevalent than it ever was back then, showing that history repeats itself. The two singles released from this album, “KC Shuffle” and “Lackluster” were chosen because of their versatile nature and messages. KC Shuffle addresses the human need to be boxed in, labelled and grouped, to fight each other.

All the while the media, governments and overlords who set them up, get away scot-free. Lackluster is calling out the incompetent and careless leadership of the world’s leaders, who sit in their high chairs and gloat about their wealth while others fight to survive. These two singles give a perfect representation, and just a taste of what’s to come, when listening to this album. From start to end, this album exudes adrenaline, energy, passion and tenacity, giving the listener a reason to keep listening. It sets up the expectations for what the band will play and sound like live. BROKEN JAW is a high octane experience. This album came to make an Armageddon sized crater in the music industry and world. Broken Jaw are finally here

Originating from Gloucestershire, England, a mixture of punk attitude and energy with heavy metal, mosh-inducing riffs. The band boasts two furious, ravenous 7 string guitarists (John Virgo & Sam Aston), a booming 5 string bassist (Josh Hughes) with pummeling backing vocals, a machine of a drummer (Sean “Garth” Watkins) and a tenacious and venomous frontman (Nutzie Shelley). The band is extremely energetic, aggressive and rowdy live. They will spark adrenaline and inspire movement in any crowd that they play to. The band signed with big hitters, The Oracle Records and The Oracle Management in early 2020, to release their debut album.