We’ve all fantasized about our ditching our day job to pursue “the dream” but few have followed through like alternative/indie artist Skuff Micksun. After quitting the 9 to 5 to become a full time artist, the Cleveland, OH native found himself broke, but not broken.

He’s spent his time relentlessly focused on capturing raw emotion in a timeless fashion through his complex and introspective music. Combining spoken word with unforgettable melodies and lyrics, he is an artist for the people delivering the sometimes dark but always persistent hope for a better tomorrow. For his latest single ‘BANK BROKE’, Skuff Micksun describes the inspiration behind the song.

“I had recently quit my job and checked my bank account which triggered the first lyric and title of the song, “BANK BROKE”. It felt cathartic to get that raw emotion of being down and out into a song that feels hopeful and upbeat. “BANK BROKE” is a voice in your head that just won’t let you quit no matter how hard things get. We’ve all been in what seems to be impossible positions and I think many people will relate to that feeling. Simply, an anthem for the people who are really trying to crawl their way out of a hole.”

BANK BROKE by Skuff Micksun is out now via Ninetone Records and can be found on all streaming music platforms. For tour dates, merch, and more information, visit: https://www.skuffmicksun.com