Bradly Miranda’s project Less Than Three is the result of decades of work. Looking for a drummer to start a family band playing Green Day covers, his brothers found one in 5-year old Bradly.

His love for music propelled Bradly into learning all facets of music, picking up guitar in middle school, and forming Less Than Three in high school. Deciding not to be reliant on anyone else to pursue his dreams, Bradly studied recording and obtained his degree in Audio Design Technology.

Working for MxPx’s Mike Herrera as a recording engineer, as well as recording, mixing, and producing many other bands, Bradly honed his craft and now runs a one man operation recording, mixing, producing, playing all instruments, and programming all of Less Than Three’s music in the studio. Joined live by his brother bassist Brian Miranda and drummer Cole Paramore, Less Than Three provides listeners with a pop punk experience full of energy, perfect for the revival of pop punk.

In his spare time, Bradly still enjoys providing fans with Green Day covers, which also caught the attention of Green Day front man, Billie Joe Armstrong. Combined with his original music, Bradly has over 1,000,000 views/streams across all platforms.