Like many bands throughout this pandemic, 2021 saw Black Whiskey spending more time in the studio writing and collaborating on songs that would eventually become the band’s debut album.

As the tracks came together, the band began approaching producers to mix the final choice of tracks for release.

Hoping to keep things in Australia for ease of production the quest to locate quality began. Finding a producer that was passionate about the endeavours of small bands & just as interested in taking time with these bands & their sound, as they were with names, connections & the big money makers was definitely a learning curve.

The latest single, ‘Down (Devils Highway) is the first offering from the album & the band for 2022 !. A ballsy riff driven song that retains the familiar classic Aussie Rock overtones that the band has come to be known for !

Best cranked on a set of speakers able to appreciate & handle the punch delivered by the wall of sound Black Whiskey delivers!

‘Down’ takes us down the road of Bad Women with Bad Attitudes & the Devils Highway some of us have found ourselves travelling with them.

Added bonus and a bit of marketing brilliance is the TWO extra tracks you will get only when you purchase the CD, These are an acoustic version and would you believe a remix. The boys decided to have a bit of fun with it, why the hell not.

To get this distinct Aussie Rock sound that is Black Whiskey, the boys quickly realised it was a no brainer that the band should work again with the talented team at Alternator Records and DNA Mastering in the U.S, the same team that were involved with single ‘Wild & Free’, from their EP ‘Rebel’. Wild & Free is still widely heard on many radio stations & playlists

globally. Finding its way onto many music charts around the world, this solidified the decision to send All the tracks for the upcoming album to mentor & friend, Michael James. With Michael James at the helm & an involved roll in the production it all came together as envisaged. Grammy award winning Dave Donnelly of DNA Mastering rounds out the production of the album, once again giving the new songs a polished sound.

Down (Devil’s Highway), the first single off the new, as yet untitled album.

Black Whiskey are here to stay, and their latest offering for 2022, speaks volumes to prove that rock and roll is not dead, it is very much alive and well!