Australian rock sensation Greystone Canyon second album “Iron & Oak” is now available as of March 8th from Rockshots Records. This highly anticipated full-length is the follow-up to their successful 2020 debut “While the Wheels Still Turn”. Known for their unique blend of tone, feel, and honest rock, “Iron & Oak” promises an even more captivating musical journey.

Since their formation in 2015-2016, Greystone Canyon has been committed to delivering a sound that is true to their passion for music. Their sophomore album, a stylistic extension of their debut, aims to capture the essence of who they are as individuals and musicians. The band hopes that fans will embrace the new offering and connect with the music on a deeper level.

Stylistically diverse, “Iron & Oak” features a range of songs, from immediate and catchy tunes to dramatic and epic compositions. The band has incorporated additional instruments, such as 12-string guitar, Hammond organ, strings, and piano, to enhance the listening experience. With a deliberate effort to provide a longer and more immersive album, Greystone Canyon moves away from instrumentals and interludes, presenting back-to-back songs.

The lyrics draw inspiration from various sources, including personal experiences, historical facts, and a shared love for the Wild West. Songs explore themes of reflection on youth, facing adversity, and choosing one’s life path.

Greystone Canyon draws from life’s intricacies, weaving them into a tapestry of music that resonates with listeners.

The album’s lead single, “We All Become Yesterday,” showcases the band’s rock roots with a touch of pop influence. The song’s groove, reminiscent of Toto’s “Rosanna,” coupled with a straightforward arrangement and a sing-along chorus, sets the stage for what promises to be an exceptional musical journey.

Reflecting on the evolution of the band’s sound, Greystone Canyon consciously expanded their musical palette, the album aims to encapsulate everything the band loves about music while staying true to their passion.

With “Iron & Oak”, Greystone Canyon invites listeners to join them on a musical exploration that spans the spectrum of their influences. The band hopes that the album will connect with audiences on a profound level, offering a timeless experience that stands the test of time.

The influences that can be heard are Ozzy Osbourne , Led Zeppelin, Megadeth.

Greystone Canyon entrusted the mixing duties to Grammy-nominated producer Glen Robinson (Queensryche / Voivod, etc.), ensuring a masterful blend that accentuates the album’s power while remaining authentic and dynamic.

“Iron & Oak” is now available as of March 8th, 2024 and is available on all major streaming platforms at and on CD at

Track Listing:
1 . Vultures – 5:12
2 . Price on Your Head – 5:32
3 . We all Become Yesterday
4 . Breathe Again – 5:55
5 . Sky is Falling – 4:01
6 . Raging Waters – 6:15
7 . Reborn – 6:34
8 . Over and Over – 5:59
9 . No Saint – 6:03

Darren Cherry – Vocals / Guitars
Richard Vella – Guitars
Dave Poulter – Bass
Sham Hughes – Drums