My name is Arav Krishnan , and I’m a 17 year old metal musician, rock/metal producer, and mixing and mastering engineer from Bangalore, India . I am primarily influenced by old school thrash metal, melodic death metal , post metal and post rock , but write music that experiments with a lot of subgenres of metal, ranging all the way from modern metal , to progressive metal , to thrash , and to post rock/post metal.

I am also the vocalist of Bangalore based progressive metalcore outfit Skelos, and the frontman and lead guitarist of my grunge/alternative rock band, Ebb+Flow. I have released one full length album , an EP , 5 singles unrelated to the EP and Album , and one single from my upcoming full length thrash metal album that is produced by none other than Nikhil Wartooth from Indian thrash titans Chaos, and is backed by Sliptrick Records , with whom I’ve recently signed a record deal.