Playing guitar since his teen years and finally releasing original Instrumental Prog Music, the Debut EP of Apoorv Singh Kathait follows the primal emotions felt by a hypothetical being for the first time.

‘The Chronicles of Shredman Singh’
The EP follows the journey of our titular hero “Shredman Singh” who has discovered a way of communicating with other beings with his guitar. We see as he discovers emotions like – Joy – Being happy with the fact that there is now a way for our hypothetical hero to convey his emotions he is joyous and explores the different types of happiness as the song progresses. Rage – But as he progresses, he realizes that there is a steep learning curve and also sees the other ways people can express themselves. Not being content with himself the rage that follows takes different forms as the song goes on. As he runs out of steam, he starts seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Redemption – While reaching the metaphorical end of the tunnel our hero “Shredman Singh” realizes that even though he is limited with the Guitar being his voice, he still can communicate.

The EP is us observing a “sentient being” going through primal emotions of humanity as “IT” starts to become more human and make music along the way. Shredman Singh can now communicate via guitars and also discovers primal emotions like “Joy”, “Rage” and “Redemption”